Selena Gomez’s Mom Disapproves Of Daughter’s Romance With The Weeknd [Report]

Selena Gomez and her mother Mandy Teefey are very close with one another and maintain a great relationship but it looks like this time, the two are not in good terms. Reports were telling that the singer's mom is not really happy with her daughter's relationship with The Weeknd.

Some reports were claiming that Mandy really disapproves of their relationship since she thinks that Selena Gomez is moving too fast in this romance. Besides she also believes that The Weeknd might not be a good influence on her.

According to a report from Life and Style, one source even claimed that Mandy already met The Weeknd and that she thinks he is a respectful person. But there is a catch since she also thinks that he is not really a good influence on Selena. Some of Selena's friends also believe that Selena just spent three months at a rehabilitation venter for her depression and anxiety issues.

All the people close to her thinks that Selena Gomez is going the wrong path again and feel that she needs to be surrounded by healthy people. Despite the fact that she might be already emotionally well, still Selena's friends and family won't stop worrying about her in this new romance.

Moreover, it has been reported too that Selena has been partying for several times lately with her boyfriend and she has been hanging all over The Weeknd. Selena might want to take a break from her career and from the spotlight but that is not that case like what she is doing now.

Apart from this, some fans also think that The Weeknd might only be using Selena to get over his ex-girlfriend, Bella Hadid. Some sources were claiming that he is still not over her since they broke up last November as per PEOPLE.

Instead of concentrating on her health and taking things slowly after her rehabilitation, Selena Gomez has been spending much of her time with her boyfriend, The Weeknd almost every day. This is the reason her mother, Mandy is worried about her. Obviously, she doesn't want to see Selena as broken-hearted the same way she was after her split from Justin Bieber.

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