"Pokemon GO" festive event which was launched last month already ended. Now, the players are expecting that Niantic Lab will roll out St. Patrick's Day event that will feature big changes on gym battles and trading elements of the popular video game.

According to Daily Express, "Pokemon GO" developer Niantic Lab already seemed to have teased its patrons of another upcoming big in-game event. This happened just hours after the Pokemon Celebrations went live. "Pokemon GO" has bagged the Best Mobile Game at the DICE Awards and luckily a member of the development team told the gamers to save their in-game candy.

It was also noted that this piece of information spilled could be a teaser for an upcoming double XP event. In addition, if next "Pokemon GO" event will occur before Easter, then maybe Niantic Lab will do something for St Patrick's Day, or possibly even Mother's Day. Aside from that Niantic Lab recently launch a new "Pokemon GO" update on iOS, but then upon examining the said upgrade, the dataminers doesn't found anything new.

Furthermore, MobiPicker has learned that upon the release of the update, "Pokemon GO" will have big changes on Gym Battles and Trading. It was worth mentioning that Trading is the most significant element of" Pokemon GO" and there have been some modifications needed. Niantic Lab has revealed that these changes will arrive through Proximity.

Niantic Lab also explained that it is working on an update that will possibly further break trading options "Pokemon GO.". This basically means that the fans will most likely perceive a more dilute version of features in the future. Also, after these elements were fixed, the next alterations to the "Pokemon GO" is expected to bring some other augmentations to the Gym battling and PvP choices.

As of the moment, Niantic Lab is tight-lipped about its upcoming event. But then, if these speculations are to be believed the upcoming update will deliver double XP and some changes in Trading and Gym Battle.