"Longmire" Season 6 news update is hard to come by since its producers rarely update fans with new details about the show. Also, as the filming has not started yet so the available info is scarce.

Then again, as the filming for "Longmire" Season 6 draws near, the title for the upcoming season seems to have been revealed recently. This major detail was shared by Adam Bartley on March 11th via Twitter.

Bartley is one of the casts who play as Sheriff's Deputy Jim "the Ferg" Ferguson, thus what he disclosed is probably precise. Based on his tweet, "Longmire" Season 6 will premiere featuring the title "The Eagle and the Osprey." In addition, his post also mentioned Hunt Baldwin as the show's executive producer while TJ Scott will serve as the director.

While there is still a long way before "Longmire" Season 6 comes out, the disclosure of the title assured fans that the drama is in the works and will be completed soon. Once filming is done, it will be up to Netflix to schedule the broadcast of the much awaited final installment.

As Deadline reported, "Longmire" season 6 will be 10 episodes long and this was confirmed by Netflix. For the release date, the series is said to begin its telecast by the end of 2017 and will be shown in the U.S., Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

At any rate, filming for the Western crime drama has been set for March 22. Main cast members Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips and Robert Taylor are expected to be on the set of the first shooting day.

Meanwhile, "Longmire" season 6 spoilers hinted that a love storyline between Victoria and Walt may finally happen. Fans have been waiting for this romance since the previous season and being the last installment, the production team may consider and do this for their loyal viewers.