Katy Perry Sexuality: Orlando Bloom Reportedly Wants Miranda Kerr-like Girlfriend, Not Open To 'I Kissed A Girl' Drama

After nearly a year of dating, specifically, 10 months of dating, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom broke up. Although cynics were already expecting that the relationship wouldn't last long, considering that the "Roar" singer is a free-spirited individual while the "Pirates Of The Caribbean Actor" was simply too much of a flirt, the ten months that they have spent together were pretty impressive. Now that they are already broken up, rumors about Katy Perry's sexuality have surfaced.

For every Hollywood breakup, the reason behind the split is almost always not revealed, which in turn, leaves the public guessing about what really led to the breakup. In line with this, reports have been circulating online that Katy Perry's sexuality is reportedly the reason for her breakup with Orlando Bloom.

According to reports, "The Lord Of The Rings" actor was expecting Katy Perry to be very feminine and embody the qualities of a potential wife and mother. This led to speculations that the 40-year old actor is reportedly looking for the ghost of ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, in every relationship that he gets in to. Sources close to Katy Perry reveal that the "I Kissed A Girl" singer has been subtly dropping hints about her sexuality and when Orlando Bloom eventually pieced it out, that was when the relationship began to go downhill.

According to NY Post, Katy Perry's sexuality issues came to light when she shared that she tried to pray the gay away when she was still in an all-girls Catholic school. This admission of hers might not be so shocking from someone who was singing songs about kissing girls and liking it, but on a more serious note, it might have an impact on her present and future relationships.

While reps for both Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have yet to comment on the matter, it seems like the "Troy" actor is already moving on like a bullet from the breakup. According to Celebrity Insider, the "Kingdom Of Heaven" actor was recently seen leaving a party with a Brazilian model. What's your take on Katy Perry's sexuality being the possible reason for the breakup? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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