'Riverdale' Spoilers: Mädchen Amick Says Alice Could Be A Killer [VIDEO]

A few hours from now, fans and viewers are finally going to see another episode from The CW's newest teen drama mystery, "Riverdale." It had been a few weeks of waiting but the series finally returns with an exciting episode that can surely put fans on the edges of their seats. Revelations are reportedly going to be expected and possible twists as well.

"Riverdale" still focuses on the investigation of Jason Blossom's (Trevor Stines) murder. There have been a number of fans speculations about who the killer really is. The previous episode hinted with Jughead's (Cole Sprouse) father, Skeet Ulrich's character, F.P. Jones as the new suspected killer this time, because he has Jason's jacket placed on his trailer. However, fans could not really be sure because the show likes to add some twists and turns to its events.

In an interview with TVLine, actress Mädchen Amick, who portrays the character Alice Cooper on "Riverdale" revealed that the upcoming episode will give a back story on how Alice came by the way she is now. Her character has been described as a demanding and controlling perfectionist and tonight's episode will reportedly show what events in her life had constructed her personality.

Aside from that, Amick also said that the big revelation to happen on "Riverdale" involving Alice could open to a possibility that Alice Cooper could be a killer. She has reportedly been on a very tough moment in her life that would able her to do things that she will have to regret later on. This could also be one of the highlights of this season.

Meanwhile, according to Screen Rant, another exciting scene to be featured on tonight's episode of "Riverdale" is the most talked about love triangle between Archie (KJ Apa), Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Veronica (Camila Mendes). This love triangle is one of the most anticipated event to happen on the series as this is one of the highlights from the comics the show has adapted from. It was featured on the first episode but more of the three characters' love troubles will be highlighted tonight.

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