Android Battery Calibration Steps Without Root to Resolve Battery Issues


One of the most serious problems that are encountered by a lot Android smartphone users is having a faulty or dying battery. However, for some cases, the problem may not be with the battery itself. Some problems can actually be solved simply by recalibrating the battery with the Android operating system.

Users who want to try out the battery calibration method should first make sure that the problem doesn't lie with the battery itself. As per a guide from Android Pit, Android smartphones with removable batteries can easily be checked by removing the back cover and inspecting the battery for expansions or leaks.

If the battery has bulges or has expanded in any way, then it may be time to replace the unit itself. It would be advisable to replace the battery with an original manufacturer-made unit or from a reputable third party supplier. Other factors such as a faulty charger, cable, or charging port must also be ruled out before trying out the method below.

To recalibrate the battery with the Android system, users first need to fully discharge the smartphone until it turns itself off. The unit must then be turned on and then let itself shut off again until it doesn't turn on anymore. The next step is charging the device while it is off until it reaches a 100 percent.

The next step involves recharging the unit until it completely says 100 percent when turned on. If the battery indicator does not say 100 percent, then users need to charge the unit until it says so or is stuck at a certain percentage.

After getting to 100 percent, or close to it, the unit will then need to be fully discharged until it turns itself off. Fully charging the unit again until 100 percent will then reset the operating system's battery percentage data.

As per Droid report, the method will solve some problems concerning devices suddenly shutting off despite the indicator still registering some charge left. The method basically corrects the data Android has collected from the battery, which will allow it to reflect the actual battery levels.

For additional tips to save battery life on Android smartphones, watch the video below:

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