'The Mummy' Update: Monster Universe Starts with Tom Cruise Film; Do Fans Still Miss Brendan Frasier?


"The Mummy" is going to have another reboot that fans can look forward to. Starring one of Hollywood's most prominent personalities, the said film will take place in a whole new field, with different cast members put together.

According to Rolling Stones, Tom Cruise will be the new protagonist for "The Mummy," contradictory to the already recognized norm of Brendan Frasier, who starred in over three films successively. Some may love the idea or hate it, but regardless of what the fans may think, the whole plot will be a totally fresh take on the titular monster. Played by Sofia Boutella ("Kingsmen"), the mummy is no longer a lover who longs to resurrect his love, but now a vengeful, angry and power-hungry Egyptian princess. She looks to get back what was said to be denied from her, making the present world her own.

"The Mummy" shows Cruise working for the creature after mistakenly finding her tomb, letting her loose to release evil all over London. The film is expected to unleash a lot of action sequences, primarily acted by Cruise himself as he did in the past. Interestingly, he is forced to serve her after such events but is also the only one who can stop her from further destroying the world.

It was said that "The Mummy" will only be one of the many installments that Universal Pictures looks to bring to their "monster universe." As Russell Crowe is already going to play Dr. Jekyll, the giveaway depicts that he will then play the monstrous alter-ego, Mr. Hyde, along with other nightmarish entities alike, Cinema Blend reports. This will include "The Invisible Man" to be played by Johnny Depp, "Frankenstein's Monster" with Javier Bardem and some other people for projects "Wolf-Man," "Dracula" among the many. The film is set for a June 9th launch.

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