Louis Tomlinson recently got caught in a pickle that caused massive controversy. After being asked to wait for the final verdict of what was seen in tape as an assault, the One Direction alumnus may have to extend his patience a little longer.

According to NME, Tomlinson was given a timeline of until March 29, 2017 to know if he was to be charged with assault, following the incident at the LAX Airport. The 25-year-old tried to protect his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, from a group of fans that seemed to harass her while Tomlinson thwarts away photographer Karl Larsen. The news also speaks on how Tomlinson received threats from a certain fan involved in the fight, namely Ana Becerra.

As per Unreality TV, Tomlinson was charged on getting his hands on Becerra during the altercation, cutting her eye in the process. After being given breathing room of until the end of March, the star was still asked to wait if the charges will indeed happen and lawyer Martin Singer further spoke on the apparent matter. He then said that while the fight went on between Tomlinson and the photographer, the three people who tried to tape the event attacked Calder-with the boyfriend coming to her aid.

Tomlinson was filed charges against alleged battery and spent over $19,000 for his bail after being taken to the police station. Luckily, Tomlinson was able to do so and his lawyer defended how such particular case is not the first clip to show fan-versus-paparazzi altercations-knowing how artists value privacy and that there should be a line drawn. So far, no new date has been given to the moved decision, with Tomlinson still left hanging for longer.

The girl that was said to have been attacked by Tomlinson was said to be receiving hate from One Direction fans from all over the globe. What do you think of this case of alleged assault and violence?