Bandai Namco's previously announced balance patch for their action role-playing video game, "Dark Souls 3," is set to arrive today. The post "The Ringed City" DLC patch, patch 1.32, is set to contain a number of minor changes to the game that will answer some of the most-requested tweaks from fans.

As per a report from Game Sinner, the game's community manager had announced that the upcoming new patch is merely a regulation update. This means that it will not come with the same significant changes to the game as the full updates.

It was also mentioned that most of the changes are towards "The Ringed City" DLC, particularly elements that have caused frustration for some fans. However, other changes, such as tweaks to some weapons and infusions, will be affecting the base "Dark Souls 3" game as well. The game's developer, FromSoftware, also released the full patch notes of the balance update on Reddit explaining the different changes.

In "The Ringed City" DLC, one of the biggest complaints from fans has been a section of the expansion featuring a number of annoying angels. The beings are apparently proving to be too much of a nuisance for some players as they constantly fire their arrows of light. The angels themselves are invincible and can only be stopped by killing their summoners, however, finding the pesky enemies is quite bothersome with the continued threat of death from above.

Fortunately, the developers have relieved some of the agony by reducing the overall damage of their arrows. Additionally, the stealth sorcery Hidden Body now becomes effective within the particular area.

Other changes in the "Dark Souls 3" patch includes tweaks to the Spear of the Church boss and his minions, who have now been nerfed to make it easier for online players. As for the base content changes, weapon infusions have also been nerfed. This includes infusions such as Blessed, Deep, and Sharp, among others. Weapons like the Greatswords and Exile Greatsword also now have reduced effectiveness.

"Dark Souls 3" patch 1.32 is set to be released today, April 5, at 7 p.m. PST for consoles and 2 a.m. PST for the Windows PC version.