One of the most watched programs of the CBS network is the television soap opera "The Young And The Restless" and it is going to have some exciting stories for this week's episodes of the show. It has already begun on Monday but the remaining days this week is definitely going to be something that the fans will remember until next week.

On the previous episodes of "The Young And The Restless," Joshua Morrow's character, Nicholas "Nick" Newman, was determined that he is not going to give up finding the true penetrator behind his brother, Adam Newman's death. Nick is apparently plotting for revenge on his suspected killer, who is Elizabeth Hendrickson's character, Chloe Mitchell.

Since the past episodes of "The Young And The Restless", Nick has been on Chloe's tail and has been investigating her on her involvement with Adam's death. Chloe's best friend and Nick's former sis-in-law, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) thought Nick has gotten over the whole murder thing. However, Nick proves it's not over yet as he presents new things that could lead to Chloe as Adam's killer.

According to Soap Hub, on this week's episodes of "The Young And The Restless", Chelsea is going to find out and learn about the set of evidence that Nick has got to put justice for Adam. It turns out that all the evidence he collected will point out to Chelsea as the suspect. Chelsea will reportedly be in shock with disbelief that her best friend could ever do such thing but Nick will not care even though the people around him will get affected, as long as he can prove the real suspect, who is Chloe.

Soap Central also reported that Chloe might have no other choice but to admit what she did on the upcoming episodes of "The Young And The Restless." She will reportedly be forced to confess her involvement in Adam's murder, and her friendship with Chelsea is speculated to be over as Chelsea will be convinced that she lost her husband because of her. Moreover, she will find out that Chloe was with Adam during his last moments, which will further prove that she was responsible for his death.