The United States President Donald Trump is still popular in Japan as there have been a lot of advertisements depicting his image. These posters can be seen on train cars and metro stations of the country's capital; Tokyo.

According to Tech Crunch, it was last month when a number of advertisements showing the US President Trump's image have started to appear in Tokyo. Moreover, a spokesman from Twitter Japan has clarified that these posters are one part of a new brand campaign which started last March 20 and will last for two weeks. It was also worth mentioning that the campaign's slogan that was written in Japanese but if translated would mean "There is now you do not know."

Although Trump's posters might be the campaign's most provocative topic, it was also noticeable that there are still a number of topics outside politics. Other good sample themes of the movement encompassed social issues advertisement about Japanese nursery schools, an entertainment that is centered on representing paparazzi, a sports poster that indicated high school baseball and sumo, an ad about food that showed a tamago-kake-gohan (egg on rice) and the other one was about cats.

It was also explained by another Twitter spokesperson that this advertisement campaign is Japan-specific. This basically means that there would be no Trump posters about this campaign in train stations around New York or even in San Francisco. Nevertheless, he also stated that the company already ran some sort of political ad campaign in the U.S way back October last year. The said posters during the time were blunt photos presidential candidates; there was a raft of immigrants on other ads and a pot plant. These are just among the other signs of domestic and international discussion.

This program of Twitter was said to be just a creative way on how the company highlights the top issues that are being talked about. It was also made clear that this was done to reflect both sides and not just to take one side as the establishment claims that Twitter is open to all and that all people could express their own perspectives on different topics.