Apple Inc. is slated to unveil the next iteration of its iPhone series this year. Dubbed as iPhone 8, the said smartphone will reportedly flaunt an OLED display since the Cupertino-based company allegedly ordered 70 million panels from Samsung.

According to MacRumors, Apple already ordered 70 million OLED panels from Samsung as the company is already gearing up for the production of iPhone 8. It was known that the South Korean tech giant will be the Cupertino-based company's sole OLED supplier that will provide panels for its upcoming iPhone.

It was also noted that the demand for the iPhone 8 will be high as it is anticipated to have a revamped design that will be paired with an edge-to-edge display, glass body, and a first-class price tag. Apple and Samsung are allegedly working hand-in-hand to meet the demand of the large panel order.

When it comes to other specs and features that iPhone 8 might exhibit, Apple Insider stated in its article that it might also sport wireless charging technology. The upcoming iPhone might be armed with 3D facial recognition since the physical home button might be replaced with a virtual one. The handset is also anticipated to be waterproof like its predecessor; iPhone 7 but there is an upgrade to IP68 rating.

There are also speculations that the iPhone 8 will house a revamped camera and a faster and more efficient A11 chipset. The upcoming iPhone is also predicted to flaunt True Tone ambient light adjustment similar to other iOS devices. Apart from that, there is also a probability that the phone will be furnished with augmented reality functionality that will be permitted through its enhanced camera.

With the above-mentioned specs and features, it appears that the iPhone 8 will be enhanced compared with its predecessors. Nevertheless, these details are not yet confirmed thus company's patrons are advised to take it with a grain of salt.