Don Rickles is known for being a comedian and actor who has an abrasive humor, died at the age of 90 due to kidney failure last Thursday.

According to CNN, Rickles was born in Jackson Heights section of Queens in New York and he was the only child of an insurance salesman and housewife. After he finished his high school studies in the 1940s, he completed a two-year period in the Navy before followed his father's footsteps in being an insurance agent. In addition, he also joined in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Rickles who has been known as the world's greatest insult comic and has enjoyed a career that has covered decades and has been recognized with harsh comics. He even performed his talents in everything from nightclubs up to Martin Scorsese film.

The master of insult was just doing those sorts of jobs until in 1950s he performed an entourage in Miami Beach along with Frank Sinatra. The latter has admired the comic of Rickles and the singer has helped him to become an honorary member of the Rat Pack.

Furthermore, USA Today has stated in its article that Rickles has appeared in movies like "Beach Party" film that became popular in '60s up to "Casino" in 1995. He was also present in sitcoms like "CPO Sharkey" and he also voiced Mr. Potato Head in three of Disney's "Toy Story" films.

It was also noted that the "Toy Story 4" is set to premiere in 2019, but Rickles hadn't recorded for it before his death. This was because the movie's script was still being written at the time he died.

Rickey has been admired and known by many with his prototypical insult comic as he didn't do punchlines. These people who respected him the most are mourning with his demise and some of them had taken Twitter to express their gratitude and admiration to the master of harsh comic.