Last month pictures of Jon Stewart walking his three-legged pup Little Dipper made their rounds on the Internet, and it turns out the comedian is a genuine animal lover.

The Daily Show host has three dogs at home and recently attended Animal Haven's fundraiser in New York. Little Dipper is the most recent addition to the clan.

"I was a fan of 'The Little Rascals' and Petey was a pit, so maybe that was in the inherent," Stewart said, according to omg!.

Little Dipper is a pit bull, a dog that generally gets a bad rap. However, Stewart couldn't be fonder of the animal.

"If you would go to the store and buy the generic 'dog,' they're the dog," Stewart said. "That little block head and that little dog body, and so energetic and playful. They're meaty and muscular and fun."

The actor likes dogs so much that he allows his co-workers to bring them backstage at The Daily Show.

""It makes it a very nice environment," Stewart enthused, according to omg!. "I mean there are rules. Everybody has to be responsible. You gotta potty train them. You gotta make sure that if there are issues with other dogs that they are dealt with the right way."

The only problem with bring your dog to work? A little too much food leaving the catering table and winding up in some very content pup's stomach.

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