Bill Nye Expounds the Science of the Upside Down in 'Stranger Things'

Bill Nye who is known as the Science guy has explained the knowledge of the Upside Down in the "Stranger Things."

According to LRM Online, "Stranger Things" has been famous for many reasons and one of which is the concept of the Upside Down. For reference, the Upside Down is a dark, gloomy alternate universe where Will is trapped and it is also the place where Demomgorgon lives.

A lot of patrons now wonder what Upside down is in scientific perspective. Luckily, Billy Nye has revealed that the "Stranger Things" Upside Down idea is just simple. He explained that with every decision that is made, a new universe is formed.

So if a person turned left in this universe, in a substitute universe they turned right. Illustrating that concept on a global scale and a general idea of how even the smallest of choices can form the world. Also, these decisions pile up to generate totally different universes. Visibly, the Upside Down in the "Stranger Things" seems to be the result of somewhat bad or even dark decisions.

Moreover, Screen Rant has noted that "Stranger Things" has been one of Netflix's biggest hits. In fact, millions of its viewers rapidly found themselves hooked into the science-fiction revisit to the 1980s.

In addition, several of the young stars have become fairly well known as an outcome of the "Stranger Things" success and the second season is highly expected by the audiences. The viewers are excited to know what come to pass Eleven and what Will Byers has carried from the Upside Down. In addition, the final moments of the first season of the series has made it very clear that everything is still not all right in Hawkins, Indiana.

The season two of "Stranger Things" is expected to become available in fall. Nonetheless, the first season of the series is still available on Netflix.

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