The Real co-host Adrienne Bailon seems to be unbothered after her former manager accused her of having an affair with Kanye West.

She shared a photo of herself in Punta Cana and wrote the caption, “meanwhile…such an incredible time at one of my favorite places on earth!”

Her post comes after she apologized to her former 3LW bandmate, Naturi Naughton, for allegedly terrorizing her back in their teenage days. And while they had a nice moment, it certainly had the potential to be tainted after Tse Williams, the mother of the third member of 3LW, Kiely Williams spilled her truth of what really happened back in the day on Twitter — including accusations that Bailon hooked up with rapper, West.

“Should we start talking about sleeping with a married man, for YEARS behind everyone’s back,” Tse wrote during her rant. Before anyone had time to speculate, Tse added, “Kanye?” before she wrote, “You started it.”

It’s not clear when Bailon and West had this alleged relationship, because West didn’t marry Kim Kardashian until 2014, long after Tse and Bailon’s days together.

Tse told one fan, “Please don’t forget that we were with her nearly every day from 2001 - 2008. A lot happens. So many secrets shared amongst ‘friends.’”


Tse also took to Twitter to speak on Bailon’s past with Rob Kardashian. While it was reported that they broke up because Rob cheated one too many times, Tse hinted that Rob was really the victim in the situation.

“And poor @robkardashian never saw it coming. She schemed on him then chewed him up and spit h I'm out and I’m not talking about Black Chyna…”

As for Bailon and Naughton, they seem to be doing just fine despite their drama from their younger years. Check out their moment in the clip below.