Dina Manzo and her boyfriend, David Cantin, were robbed and attacked at their New Jersey home last month and their attackers have not been found.

According to a new report, Lieutenant Rob Philhower of the Holmdel Township Police Department confirmed that video footage taken prior to the attack may have shown the suspects before or after they entered the couple's home.

However, the video didn't lead them to the suspects.

"Obviously we first looked for that but haven't been able to come up with anything," Philhower revealed to Radar Online on Wednesday.

On the day of the attack, Manzo, 47, and Cantin, 36, were in attendance at an event for one of Teresa Giudice's daughters, but around 11 p.m., they returned home and discovered two suspects in the middle of a robbery.

"As they entered the residence, two individuals, who were already inside the home, rushed towards them," the police department reported. "The male victim was struck several times with a baseball bat by one of the assailants. The female victim was punched multiple times by the other assailant. The two victims were then bound together within the home."

While Manzo and her boyfriend were eventually able to free themselves and call the police, the suspects got away and remain at large.

"No one has been arrested," Philhower said. "We have no suspects."

Philhower went on to reveal that they were looking into the possibility of the couple targeted specifically in the crime, rather than the incident being a random occurrence.

"We are looking into every possibility," he said. "There is nothing that would direct us that way."

"The case is obviously still ongoing," he added.