Tiny seemed to set the record straight on speculation that she and her husband, T.I., won't go through with their divorce after all.

The singer was spotted serenading T.I. at a recent Xscape concert in Detroit. Check it out below.

Meanwhile, Tiny has opened up about her experience on co-parenting with T.I. when it comes to their youngest child, Heiress Harris, who turned one this year.

"The baby is great," Tiny told PEOPLE magazine during the Essence Festival in New Orleans earlier this month. "Lately, she talks a little bit. Her new thing is saying 'uh huh,' which is so cute because for the longest she'd just tell you 'No.'"

As for her and T.I. working together as parents, Tiny added, "It's pretty good. But we still fight over spending time with the baby."

She said before their marital woes became public they would "spend time together" with baby Heiress.

"But now it's like, 'I want her,' 'No, I want her.' 'Well, you better come to my house then.'"

She confirmed the two are still off and o when asked about her current status with the rapper.

"It's a process," she said. "Me and Mr., we're in and out."

She said she's been able to focus on her career with '90s girl group, Xscape, who made a comeback this year.

"I feel great. As one thing goes down the drain, another thing is coming up. It's not about another man or anything like that. It's about doing what I love and making money. I'm not missing anything."

As for the reunion, Tiny said it's the perfect time for the ladies to get back together.

"It feels great. We're able to come back as grown women, all of these kids later, and do the same thing that we were doing. And now it feels like we have an even bigger fan base!"

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