Rasheeda Frost might be going through her own drama on VH1's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, but she took the time to give her friend, Tiny and rapper T.I., advice on their reported marital woes.

The ladies reportedly came face-to-face at a Bossip TV party earlier this week. That's when Rasheeda offered Tiny a bit of sound advice.

"They had a heart-to-heart," an insider told Hollywood Life on Thursday. "The women relate to each other and what they're both going through with their men - and even their music. It was a great reunion and Rasheeda even gave Tiny a huge piece of advice - she told her not to listen to anyone but herself when it comes to her marriage."

Rasheeda might be taking her own advice in the situation with her husband, Kirk Frost.

Fans of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta have seen the drama between them all season as a woman claimed she had a child with Kirk despite his marriage to Rasheeda.

He refused to get a DNA test while Rasheeda questioned him for multiple episodes. It came out that Kirk had been paying the woman, Jasmine, to keep quiet about their extramarital affairs and the child.

The publication added that despite the drama, Rasheeda isn't quite ready to let go of her marriage.

As for Tiny, she is heading in the direction of getting back with T.I. She filed for divorce earlier this year or at least attempted to.

She said in an episode of their now former hit reality show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, that T.I. had been hiding out from her and she couldn't find him to serve him. That might be for the best considering there are rumors of a reconciliation between the two.

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