Megan Fox recently deleted her Instagram profile photo and around the same time, Zachary Quinto did the same.

What gives? According to new reports, tigers are disappearing from the wild at an alarming rate and the actors are attempting to do their part to inspire change and increase the numbers of wild tigers.

"My profile picture disappeared to bring awareness for the disappearance of tigers in the wild," Fox informed her fans and followers on Instagram on Wednesday. "As a #TigerPartner, I’m dedicated to helping protect the world’s last 3,890 wild tigers. Join me by deleting your profile picture, creating art or making a donation as I’ve done to the @world_wildlife rangers that keep wild tigers safe at the [World Wildlife Fund's official website]."

"Today as a @tigerbeerus partner I removed my profile pic to mirror the disappearance of tigers in the wild… now I’m challenging you to help the world’s last 3,890 wild tigers by 'disappearing' yourself or creating art and making a donation like I've done to the @world_wildlife rangers keeping tigers safe," Quinto wrote in his message to fans

According to a tiger fact sheet provided to Enstars, there were 100,000 tigers living in the wild just 100 years ago but today, there are as few as 3,890 and poaching and habitat loss are to blame for the population loss.

In both Fox and Quinto's social media posts, followers are encouraged to donate to the rangers who are working to keep wild tigers safe and protected from the outside threats to their species.

The actors are also participating in the #3890TIGERS campaign, which is a joint effort by World Wildlife Fund and Tiger Beer that leads up to Global Tiger Day on July 29.

Tiger Beer will match donations up to $25,000.

For more information on tigers, check out the clip below.