Sephora Plans To Launch Free-Standing Makeup Studios

Sephora will be expanding, however, not in size but in number.

According to the beauty retailer, it's planning its "smallest footprint" in the United States with launching free-standing makeup studios. The studios will be about 2,000 square feet and less than half the size of a typical Sephora store.

"In today's retail environment, where very little is constant and clients' expectations are ever-evolving, one thing has remained true for [Sephora]: there is no better way to create meaningful connections with clients than through personalized experiences and a customized approach to beauty," said Calvin McDonald, CEO of Sephora Americas, in a statement.

The Sephora studio will be the first to offer a 75-minute "Custom Makeover Plus."

"We could not be more focused on that notion than we are with the opening of [Sephora] Studio," he continued. "The Studio merges the best of an inclusive neighborhood retail environment with best-in-class digital tools that enable our expert beauty advisors to customize recommendations on an individual basis."

The studios will be located outside of malls and will be technologically advanced. With that being said, it will give shoppers an easier visit by ordering their merchandise in the store or being able to pick up items they bought online in the stores.

"The truth is, there are many locations without easy access to Sephora, but where beauty products and services sell well, at players like Ulta," Saunders said. "A free standing Sephora Studio will now present "a threat for other players, but a great opportunity for Sephora," he said.

No official date has been released, but Sephora is in the works of hopefully launching these studios at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

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