Stassi Schroeder recently told all about her breakup during an episode of her podcast show Straight Up With Stassi.

After confirming she and Patrick Meagher were no longer an item earlier this month on Instagram, Schroeder explained her thoughts to her listeners during an episode taped in Mexico, where she and Meagher were supposed to be spending their four-year anniversary.

“We get in a fight, obviously, just like any other fight we’ve ever gotten in, it’s not like anything new popped up,” Schroeder said on the podcast, according to a report by The Ashley's Reality Roundup. “Nothing new happened to where I would be broken up with and jilted a day before our Mexican vacation for our anniversary that only I remembered.”

“I miss him every f**king minute … I’m going to cry,” she continued, adding that she is currently unsure of what their future may hold.

“I’m not trying to be the victim here because [Patrick’s] always saying that’s part of my problem, that I act like the victim, but I truly feel like one, I really do,” she admitted. “I’m really sad, I’m really f**king sad and I think what makes it harder to say like, if we’d be able to reconcile ever again is because how many more f**king times can I do that. The one thing that I do deserve is consistency.”

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