Ryan Edwards was reportedly caught trying to hook up with other women on Tinder earlier this month and now, a report claims his months-long marriage to Mackenzie Standifer is in trouble.

Following the scandal, The Ashley's Reality Roundup claims that things between Edwards and his wife have grown so strained that the film crew for Teen Mom OG's upcoming seventh season has allegedly been dealing with "absolute chaos."

"Mackenzie and Ryan are at odds at the moment, and Ryan has fled the house that they share, making it hard for the film crews to get in touch with him," the outlet told readers on August 25.

“Ryan has blocked Mackenzie’s number,” one sources told The Ashley. “This was going on for a while, even before the Tinder stuff broke. But he has not stayed at home for the past few days.”

Another insider claimed Edwards revealed plans to file for divorce from Standifer.

“He did not just say it in passing,” the source told The Ashley. “It was mentioned multiple times to multiple people on the crew.”

Meanwhile, Standifer has allegedly been giving MTV a hard time amid her potentially impending divorce from the reality star.

“Mackenzie requested that MTV pay for her and her friends to go on vacation to ‘get away from it all’ and film, of course,” the source said. “MTV considered it, but yesterday they decided against it and said they will not pay for it.”

“The crew has been filming Mackenzie over the last week or so, give or take,” the source continued. “She has not made it easy and at times she’s refused to talk about the Ryan drama on-camera, but has stated that she will talk if they pay her more.”