Tracee Ellis Ross Kids: 'Blackish' Star Tells The Most Adorable Story About Stealing Clothes From Diana Ross [VIDEO]

Tracee Ellis Ross and her mother, superstar and iconic singer Diana Ross, are #MotherDaughterGoals for all of us; now it’s even stronger after Tracee shared this hilarious story about her mom.

Tracee said she was good for stealing things from her mom when it came to raiding her closet and now vintage household items.

Things came full circle for her as she told the story of how she would steal her mother’s belongings in the latest issue of W magazine.

“You’re very kind to say did I borrow clothes from my mother,” Tracee told the reporter, Lynn. “It sort of was more like stealing. I’m not going to lie. She would leave he house and I went in her room and looked out the window and saw her car go down the driveway, and I marched myself right into her bathroom and started taking clothes. What I liked to do is put them in my closet and live with them as if they were mine.”

 While it seems like an easy enough heist, even Tracee was caught a time or two.

“My mom walked back in the bathroom. And she was like, ‘What are you doing?’ I was like, ‘I’m organizing your closet for you! What are you doing?’” she continued. “She said, ‘I forgot something.’ And I was like, ‘Oh! Can I help you find it?’ So, yeah, I, I was known for that. And still I call it shopping. I go to my mom’s house – my mom has the most extraordinary taste, top to bottom, whether it’s the dishes or the clothes, from t-shirts to gowns to hats to coats.”

One time the incident turned out in her favor as her mom gave her a special gift before Tracce left for college.

“Leaving for college there was a rug, this beautiful Kilim rug, that I wanted that was under our breakfast table. I asked if I could take it for college and my mom was like, ‘No, its under the breakfast table. You cannot take it.’ And the car was going down the driveway and my mom comes running out. I don’t know how she got it from under the table so fast, but she came running out barefoot with the rug. She was like, ‘Take it! Take the rug! I love you! Go off to college with the rug!” [Laughter] It’s a perfect example of my mother. That’s not the Diana Ross people know. That’s my mommy.”

Check out the full interview here and be sure to keep up with Enstars for the latest.

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