T.I. might have seemed like he was trying to save Wendy Williams embarrassment on social media, but she’s still coming for him.

The latest battle between them started when Williams was spotted wearing a bikini while on vacation in Barbados last week. Tiny had a few subtle words for the daytime talk show host.

“OK now as much as this sister talk about people… (Myself included) I know what y’all expect,” T.I. wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo that featured the snapshots of Williams.

“But I’m not gon do the obvious & fye her up. NOPE!!! I’m gon be respectful because regardless of her flaws she’s still a independent black business woman that’s had to fight her way through life to get where she is. JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE SHE JUDGES DAILY!!! But I’m gon try something new & different time this,” he wrote. “Let’s see if the power of mercy moves her heart to not be so malicious & vindictive in the future when she’s speaking on the lives of other strangers when they’re going through their own PERSONAL tough ties. That’s my approach… let’s see.”

It looks like his new “approach” wasn’t enough to calm down Williams, who returns from her hiatus for a new season of her talk show Monday.

“I was just in Barbados with my husband on vacation,” Williams told PEOPLE. “The paparazzi caught me. T.I. referenced my lack of behind. Yes, I’m 53. And yes I still dip and do it in a bikini with perky boobs and a flat belly. And if I got no behind, I can buy it like the rest of you all.”

When it came to T.I., she had a few more words for him.

“His wife is going to be on the show Friday. If they’re still married, I have no idea. I heard he wears lifts.”

Still, when it came to confirming if he wears them with his wife, Williams added, “No! I’m grown. This is not about T.I., this is about Tiny and her group XScape. Watch how I do. But that’s between me and you. But you know when a short man puts lifts in shoes to be a little taller…Maybe I should wear butt pads to get some more a**…”

Check it out below.

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