O.J. Simpson release date is approaching and is now ready to leave the prison and with the latest reports, it seems like he's got plans to live and enjoy the retired life. With statements from his lawyer, it was claimed that he is now looking for his future home and is narrowing down his choices to five potential residences in Florida.

After his release from prison, Perez Hilton reported that Simpson was ordered to submit a plan to a parole but reports added that he has not picked yet. His plans reportedly will not include the assets and houses of his children. This is for the reason that he doesn't want to add more burden anymore to his children or even to draw attention to them.

Because of that, it was also reported that Simpson preferred to ask for help to his wealthy and supportive friends rather than his children. His friends reportedly have plans to donate their homes to O.J. or him to stay and live.

Aside from choosing the place where he will stay after his release from jail, Simpson is said to be already looking forward to playing golf and laying low outside of prison. The former football star is planning on hitting his retirement pretty well by not doing so much.

But reports from Telegraph claimed that Simpson who has been regarded as a media darling and loves the spotlight will soon return to public life in some ways even if he avoids this. Also, the media hype upon his release from prison is reportedly going to be insane and that will be one of the factors.

It can be recalled that O.J. Simpson was granted parole by a panel in Nevada after serving nine years in jail for armed robbery. During the giving of the said verdict, Simpson was having a hard time composing himself as his daughter and friends spoke to defend the sports star.

Simpson will be freed this October, cutting short the 33-year sentence that he must serve after allegedly robbing a hotel in Las Vegas. He together with five more accomplices robbed a hotel room to get the memorabilia items which he said rightfully belonged to him.