Jennifer Aniston has already graced several interviews in just about every magazine cover throughout her career in Hollywood. But in the latest issue of the Harper's Bazaar, the actress did something totally different as she was also interviewed by comedian Amy Sedaris which happens to be a friend of her husband, Justin Theroux.

According to PEOPLE, the latest interview by Jennifer Aniston reportedly resulted in a refreshingly candid conversation with Sedaris. During the said exchange of ideas and entertaining opinions, Jen gave many revealing and honest tidbits about her and her married life with husband Justin.

In the said interview, Aniston revealed that there was something that worried her when Justin proposed to her. Since the actress doesn't have the patience to let her nails dry, this became a worrying concept once she got engaged. When Justin proposed to her and put the ring on her finger, she realized that she needed to get some manicures.

Apart from that, Aniston also shared that she was once obsessed with taking a lot of vitamins but recently her routine changed. Sometimes, when she hears someone telling her if she takes something like an activated charcoal, she browses the internet right away to check on its benefits. Now, she is doing apple cider vinegar in the morning.

Since Jennifer is so much invested in keeping up her wellbeing, she shared her dream which is to open a wellness center. She hoped that in the future, she could manage a space with facialists, rotating workouts; meditation classes plus a café wherein the foods offered are healthy and delicious so the person is not deprived.

According To Harpers Bazaar, Aniston also confessed how she loves tanning and hates sunscreen. The actress revealed that tanning brings her a lot of happiness by being laying out there and getting the sufficient amount of Vitamin D. She then became very comfortable with a good spray tan.

Since she is a good friend of Justin Theroux, Amy appreciated the things Jen has done to her friend which started when Jen took him from New York. Then Aniston also shared that she just gave Theroux the edited video of their wedding for their anniversary and recalled that it was fun to revisit the moment.