Janet Jackson Tour: Is Singer Getting Back With Jermaine Dupri? [VIDEO]

Word is Janet Jackson is rekindling an old flame after news of her separation has made headlines once again.

Jackson, who is currently on tour, is reportedly getting back with producer Jermaine Dupri.

Sources told BOSSIP Monday that “things have been heating back up between the former couple, who have recently reunited and not just for music making purposes.”

The report comes after Jackson’s brother, Randy Jackson, revealed that Jackson suffered verbal, mental, and psychological abuse with her ex-husband Wissam Al-Mana. The two welcomed a child earlier this year together.

I wouldn’t be too surprising if Dupri was open to sparking up a flame with Janet again. He confessed that their breakup was his fault during an interview with The Breakfast Club just this past March.

“I believe that my life is a definition of a journey and inside that journey there were supposed to be things that happen and me having a relationship with [Janet], I definitely know it was part of my life that I thought a lot for these 8 years and I look at it like that. I don’t know if it was supposed to stay, but it was supposed to come into my life and teach me what I have learned.”

When asked if the split was his fault, he had no problem taking the blame.

“I’m a guy. I called Usher up about his new album titled ‘Flawed,’ because I heard of it like you guys did and he told me, ‘I’m tired of people thinking that I am perfect, I am not perfect. The way I deal with my kids and deal with all kinds of situations, I might mess up but I am me…’ So I feel the same way that I am flawed. I take that on a chain that I messed up.”

Still, don’t expect him to be writing any songs about their romance.

“Why?” Dupri asked. “I don’t want ot be the guy that dates [female celebrities], I was getting tired of people calling me Jermaine Dupri, Janet’s boyfriend. I just want to be known as the guy who continued putting out a lot of good music.”

He’s certainly not known as Janet’s boyfriend anymore. But it’s not clear if fans actually want the two to get back together.

Check out his full interview below.

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