Rihanna Twitter: Social Media Blasts Fans Who Didn't Know Her Last Name Is Fenty [VIDEO]

It’s no secret Rihanna has been making waves with her new makeup line, Fenty Beauty, that literally has a shade for every woman. But Twitter has officially gone off after a few people dared to reveal they didn’t realize Fenty is actually Rihanna’s last name.

One fan decided to point out that Rihanna’s first name isn’t even Rihanna either.

“Nah fam, YOU just found out her last name is Fenty,” one fan wrote. “Do you even know her first name isn’t Rihanna or is that a shock to you too?”

For the record, most fans know that Rihanna’s legal name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Another joked, “Those fans that didn’t know that Fenty is Rihanna’s last name are gonna be blown away when they found out this is not a new song…”

One kept it simple with, “Y’all must really live under a rock if you didn’t know Rihanna’s last name is Fenty.”

Another wrote, “Good morning to everybody except the twitter account that didn’t know rihanna’s last name ‘Fenty.’” One fan kept it funny and wrote, “Who didn’t know Rihana’s last name is Fenty… have some respect for OUR president” while another kept it simple with, “if u didn’t know Fenty was Rihanna’s last name i’m judging you…”

The reaction comes after fans noted on Twitter that they didn’t know the inspiration behind Fenty. One wrote, “I feel like an idiot not knowing that Fenty is Rihanna’s last name… which is why her make up line is called Fenty Beauty.”

Another added, “So I just found out Rihanna’s last name is Fenty. Hold up what ????????”

One used a gif to express their amazement and added the caption, “When you figure out that Fenty is @rihanna last name”

See more below.

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