The new and fresh heartthrob of Tinseltown will be the "Kingsman" actor, Taron Egerton according to a report by E! News. He is all set to take Hollywood by storm. In 2014 the Welsh actor starred in Kingsman: The Secret Service, which was essentially a spy movie. The actor became extremely popular due to his portrayal of Eggsy. After the success of the movie, the studio decided on making a sequel and it will be called Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Egerton will be reuniting with his original co-stars like Colin Firth for the second installment. But along with them, an array of Hollywood A-listers like Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges, and Channing Tatum will play Egerton's American counterparts who are recruited to help get to the bottom of the opening massacre.

About returning to the project the young handsome actor said that he would always have returned as it was his dream to be a part of such projects which people like to watch again and again . "At the same time, it becomes daunting," he said.

The X-Men fame Director Matthew Vaughn decided to kick off the sequel by killing off most of the Kingsman agency except for Egerton's character and one other agent. The new film will have high stakes with a slew of powerful actors.

Newbie Egerton told E! News that he gets starstruck all the time and the first time when he walked into the sets with Jeff, Halle and Channing, he got super nervous and he had to tell himself that he had done months of work for the project and that he was in the first one , the other actors are the guests.

The actor had to spend months after months in training and did everything beginning from fight choreography to pumping iron etc. And he said that once they arrived at the sets they had to spend weeks on perfecting the fight sequences. and he also mentioned that there were some injuries but nothing serious.

The youngster has been touring extensively promoting his new flick and is becoming extremely popular amongst young girls which is becoming an advantage for the rising star. The actor has some other upcoming movies as well in his kitty like Billionaire Boys Club and he has also signed the biopic about Marie Colvin, the foreign war.

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