Amy Winehouse Documentary: Late Singer's Father Is Still Coping With Her Passing, Keeps Her Legacy Alive [VIDEO]

Amy Winehouse’s father has spoken out six years after the talented singer was discovered unconscious in her London home.

It was determined that Winehouse passed away from alcohol poisoning after her very public battle with drinking and drugs. She was 27.

“We think about her every day,” her father, Mitch Winehouse, told PEOPLE at an event for the Amy Winehouse Foundation Thursday. “In fact, we think about her every minute of the day. I don’t know why but this year her birthday hit me very hard. I don’t know why but it was very tough.”

The event, held at the Dorchester Hotel, is just one of the ways Mitch and Amy’s mother, Janice Winehouse, want to keep the positive aspects of her legacy alive.

The Winehouse Foundation aims to encourage young adults not to follow in Winehouse’s footsteps when it comes to the personal decisions she made that ultimately ended in her untimely passing. It also offers music therapy for youth who are considered “disabled, disadvantaged and terminally ill.” So far, it has helped more than 200,000 youth.

The organization just launched Amy’s Place in East London about a year ago.

“What’s lovely is that we are doing so much good for kids really because they’re the ones that need it. It’s all positive,” Janice said.

Mitch added, “We’ve got a young man here tonight called Tom who’s going to be playing the drums for us on stage. He’s autistic and he came to Amy’s Yard, which is our music project for disadvantaged young people. He did so well he played with me a couple of weeks ago at a gig.”

He continued and said not many people how “charitable” the late singer really was.

“Amy used to take people off the streets and feed them. Some of the paps used to chase her through the streets and she’d get into her house and go ‘Dad I feel sorry for them’ because it would be freezing cold outside. So she would make them all tea and sandwiches and go out and play football with them. Amy was just a very caring person.”

Janice’s new husband, Richard Collins, said he’s convinced Amy would be proud of her parents.

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