'Father Of The Bride' 3: George Newbern Hints At Another Film, Confirms Script [VIDEO]


Is the Banks family returning to the big screen for a third installment of Father of the Bride?

While the possibly upcoming movie has not yet been officially announced, actor George Newbern, who played Bryan Mackenzie, the husband of Steve Martin's character's daughter, recently confirmed that a script for the potential film exists.

“[Director] Charles Shyer wrote a script. I know there’s a script out there. And there’s talk,” Newbern told Us Weekly magazine on October 10. “I don’t know how far it got but I’m sure most of the cast would be into it if the script was right. So maybe that’s just a question of that happening.”

“I have heard some [concepts] and they are pretty far out there. From what I heard it was pretty good and different and newsworthy,” he continued. 

As for where the potential film would pick up, Newbern had a few ideas.

“I think Bryan MacKenzie would probably be a grandfather now," he suspected. "They had a kid so he’s probably got a grandkid at this point, I think. Or at least close to it. Or his daughter would be getting married. He’s probably invested in a startup in the Silicon Valley because they are on the West Coast. And they probably live up in the Bay area. They got four kids. They need to shoot a third one. We need to do a third one. That would be great.”

As fans await an official confirmation on a third film, Newbern is speaking his time in Los Angeles and frequently taking strolls down memory lane by visiting the 1920s Colonial home in Alhambra, California, that was used as the Banks’ family home in the first two movies.

To hear what Newbern's on-screen wife, Kimberly Williams, had to say about a potential Father of the Bride 3 just one year ago, check out her interview with Entertainment Tonight below.

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