"Faithful" hit the web earlier this week and following the leak of the unreleased track, rumors began swirling which suggested Justin Bieber had written the song for his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Just days after the exes reunited at Gomez's home in Los Angeles, the producer of the song is speaking out, hinting that the track may have been written by Bieber with his former girlfriend in mind.

“I’m not 100% sure [it’s about Selena], but they were going through a tough time when he wrote it,” Timothy "BOS" Bullock told Hollywood Life of the song, which was initially teased by Bieber on his Instagram page in 2014.

Gomez and Bieber began dating in 2012 and continued with their relationship for years. Then, last summer, after coming to blows on Instagram after Bieber shared a photo of himself and Sofia Richie, they called it quits on their on-and-off romance.

“You have to ask Justin,” Bullock added of "Faithful."

Bullock reportedly spoke to fans about the song online, via Justin Bieber Wiki, as well.

“He was venting about Selena at the time,” he allegedly told a fan on Instagram. “It’s one of his favorites and we planned on finishing it.”

Below are some of the song's lyrics, via Hollywood Life.

‘Cause I’m faithful
Faithful yeah
‘Cause I’m faithful
I don’t want to hurt your heart
But I told you from the start
‘Cause I’m faithful
You know I’m faithful

Everyday you’re wondering
Asking me who was I with and where I been
Write ’em all
‘Cause baby I am leaving
You know that I’m moving on, moving on
I’m moving on, I’m moving on
You made a promise
Girl at least I’m honest

Gomez and Bieber are back on good terms after their heated Instagram fight last year but when it comes to reconciling their romance, they don't appear to have any plans to do so. Instead, Gomez is continuing on with her romance with The Weeknd.

Gomez and The Weeknd began dating one another earlier this year and have continued to travel with one another around the world as they reportedly live together temporarily in New York City.

To hear Justin Bieber's leaked track, "Faithful," check out the clip below.