Married To Medicine’s fifth season is in full swing on Bravo and Jackie Walters’ marital woes were the center of the highly anticipated premiere. Her husband, Curtis Walters, was spotted with a mystery woman just weeks before taping for the new season began.

Fans saw a downward spiral between Jackie and Curtis last season as they disagreed on whether they wanted to adopt children. The couple found out they were unable to have kids biologically. They also were at odds over Jackie’s hectic work schedule as Curtis revealed he often felt neglected by his wife. Things came to a head during the reunion special earlier this year and while all seemed to be well, it looks like they still had lots of trouble as Curtis was caught with another woman this summer.

While Dr. Jackie is typically the private one on the show as well as the voice of reason, it’s safe to say her co-stars are the ones who will help her through this. Still, they all admitted on the season premiere they were shocked that Curtis could step so far out of bounds. Even Toya Bush-Harris questioned her husband Eugene after he told her he would have to travel four hours to work an overnight shift in an Emergency Room. She admitted that she wasn’t comfortable with him doing so considering the news about the Walters that had just become very public.

Now, the question is whether Dr. Jackie plans on staying in her marriage, which had been going strong for more than 20 years. Her co-star Quad Webb-Lunceford asked the question during the premiere.

“If you ask me in ten minutes, I might say no. If you ask me in ten minutes, I might say yes,” Dr. Jackie confessed. “I do have options. And we are still married. However, watching the one man who I knew loved me unconditionally to have made the decision that he made, and the way I found out about it was crushing. It was humiliating. There were so many emotions that I had.”

Still, Dr. Jackie found a way to be the cast member that fans love when she added that she still loves Curtis no matter what. She also encouraged her co-stars to do the same when it came to mistakes their husbands made in their marriages – whether infidelity or other struggles.

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