'Married To Medicine' Lisa Nicole: Cloud Goes Off On Husband's Other Woman's Voicemail

Anyone who has tuned in to Bravo’s Married To Medicine knows that former cast member Lisa Nicole Cloud had quite the rocky marriage. While her costars had no problem in pointing that out during ugly spats and screaming matches, Cloud has officially gone off on her husband’s, Darren Naugles, alleged other woman.

Apparently Cloud left the mystery woman a voice mail.

“You’re married with kids. Darren Naughles. Tell her right now. Tell this stupid a** slutty b**** you’re not going to call her anymore,” Cloud said in the audio obtained by King Of Reads. “You better not talk to my husband again. Whoever you are. Stop talking to my husband. Stop calling my husband or it’s gonna be a problem.”

She then continued to instruct Naugles to tell the woman he wouldn’t be contacting her anymore.

Fans most likely won’t see the drama unfold on the popular reality show as Cloud was announced to not be returning for the upcoming fifth season. But her issues with Naugles could become a topic of conversation anyway.

Meanwhile, Cloud has stayed quiet about the ordeal on social media, but she did upload a snapshot on Instagram to speak on the importance of family.

Lisa Nicole Cloud Quits Married To Medicine

As for why she decided not to return to reality TV, it looks like the drama was too much for her to handle. So she wanted to focus on her own business instead.

“I’ve made some decisions as it relates to my own businesses,” said Cloud in an interview with TMZ back in March. “As you know, I just did New York Fashion Week, I was just in L.A. for L.A. Fashion Week and I just got an invitation to do the Cannes Film Festival. So my clothing line is really growing and I need to really focus and spend some time with that.”

She added that her business was receiving a lot of “momentum” and she wanted to take advantage of it.

She also reiterated that it was her decision, and suggested that Bravo was not happy about her walking away from the series. Cloud teased that she could be making a few cameos as well.

She then confirmed that she and Naugles wanted to have another child. Interestingly enough, that was one of the biggest pieces of drama that she and her husband experienced last season as he was caught in lies when it came to whether he really wanted to have another baby.

“We really are focusing on our family,” said Cloud at the end of the clip.

Married To Medicine returns to Bravo Sunday at 9/8c. Be sure to keep up with Enstars for the latest on your favorite celebrities.

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