Warner Bros. Suspends 'Supergirl', 'Arrow' Producer Andrew Kreisberg Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Another one bites the dust. Something is in the Hollywood air. There is this unseen force that seems to get top executives in deep trouble.

The latest bigwig to be kicked to the curb is television writer and producer Andrew Kreisberg. He was at the helm of the popular CW series hits such as Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Apparently, Kreisberg is not on top of the Hollywood food chain when he got suspended by Warner Bros., 15 women and four men have come forward with claims of sexual harassment and abuse allegedly perpetrated by the producer.

Warner Bros. Cast The Biggest Stone

"We have recently been made aware of the allegations of misconduct against Andrew Kreisberg. We take all allegations of misconduct extremely seriously," said Warner Bros. TV Group in an official statement issued to Variety.

An investigation is launched by the media giant and has expressed its care and full concern for its team which includes a large number cast, film crew, writers, and producers. Most of them are based in Vancouver, Canada where all shows are filmed.

Hostile Working Environment

During productions and shoots, it has been pointed out that most women leave when Kreisberg enters the room. Upon hearing about accounts and claims made by people, Warner Bros. HR department began to conduct interviews with the female staff. All of the women reiterated Kreisberg's salacious remarks to them on their desirability as girls.

All of the claims and stories have been strongly denied by the former comic book writer.

"I have proudly mentored both male and female colleagues for many years. But never in what I believe to be an unwanted way and certainly never in a sexual way, " Kreisberg asserts, maintaining his innocence.

Supergirl To The Rescue

Actress and Supergirl star Melissa Benoist has decided to step up and announces a call for a change in the film industry.

Benoist is completely sympathetic to the accusers of Kreisberg.

"When people commit crimes or harass others, they should always be held accountable," reads her strongly-worded tweet against her former CW boss.

She is using the power of her celebrity status to create an air of solidarity for all victims, men and women, of sexual abuse.

"I've spoken up about it in the past and I'll continue to do so. All of us should, without fear or shame," says Benoist in a second tweet.

At this point, social media overflows with breaking news of sexual harassment allegations. Who is next to go down and be exposed? The shift in Hollywood seems inevitable.

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