To say 2017 was a big year for Rihanna is an understatement. However, what's truly impressive was that the "Wild Thoughts" singer blazed through the year with just four hours of sleep every night.

Rihanna is the guest editor for Vogue Paris' December issue and the magazine has a section dedicated to the star. In a candid photo of her divebombing into a pool somewhere in the Dominican Republic, it was revealed that she likes spending her days off sightseeing than sunbathing.

The Fenty Beauty creator also shared that she has difficulty switching off. Since she can't go straight to bed, she would binge-watch documentaries or shows even on days she would get home early.

"As a matter of fact, I only sleep three or four hours a night," the photo's caption said.

According to neurologist W. Christopher Winter, M.D., people who don't need a lot of sleep truly exist but they are not common. Not to mention that what majority of short sleepers are actually saying is that they can do less sleep better compared to the average person.

Winter, however, counters that most of the people in the category would actually function better if they got more sleep.

How Much Sleep Should You Really Be Getting?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults between the ages of 26 and 64 should be getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night, with six and 10 hours of sleep being tagged as "may be appropriate."

Exact sleep amount required by people at different ages is hard to pinpoint, that's why health experts only have recommended guidelines for proper sleep health. Different individuals have different needs, so it's best to know yourself to determine if you're sleeping sufficiently.

To help you find the right numbers, the NSF came up with a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Are you happy, healthy, and productive on seven hours of sleep? Or do you require more to get into high gear?
  • Are you at risk of any disease? Do you have health issues?
  • Do you have sleep problems?
  • Are you caffeine-dependent during the day?
  • Are you sleepy when driving?

Proper sleep has always been integral to good health, so experts advise that everyone should work on improving their sleeping habits. To make way for better sleep, sticking to a sleeping schedule is recommended, as well as keeping the bedroom comfortable, practicing a bedtime ritual, and avoiding electronics before bed.