Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards butted heads during last night's episode of Teen Mom OG after Bookout chose to ignore Edwards' requests to see their son, 9-year-old Bentley.

As fans saw on Monday, Edwards tended to a 3-week rehab stint ahead of production on Teen Mom OG season seven and immediately wanted to see his son after making his way home. Unfortunately, Bookout wasn't receptive to the idea, which prompted Edwards to take matters into his own hands.

“I’m just going to show up and ask what the heck is the problem,” he said, according to a report by Radar Online on Dec. 5. “I’m so over her a**. No matter what I do I’ll never be able to please her."

According to Edwards, he should be able to return to their previous custody arrangement now that he is done treatment. That said, Bookout has plenty reason not to allow him to see his son. After all, last fans saw him, he was nodding out while driving down the street on the way to a quicky wedding ceremony with now-wife Mackenzie Standifer.

"If I don’t get him I’m going to hurt somebody,” Edwards said. 

During another scene, Bookout was seen reacting to Edwards' threatening text messages during a conversation with her husband, Taylor McKinney. 

“Why should I not get to spend Father’s Day with him? Why should Ryan? Spending time with your son on Father’s Day should require you being an actual father,” McKinney replied.

While Bookout didn't initially want Bentley to spend time with Edwards, she ultimately decided to bring the boy to Edwards' parents’ home for Father’s Day. Sadly, things to a dark turn when Edwards confronted her, telling her that he has a problem with her husband, McKinney. He then said that Bookout seemed unhappy and was likely "very jealous" of him.

Edwards also threatened to take Bookout to court, which she welcomed, adding that no judge would ever give them half the time she's given him with Bentley. 

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