'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Season 10: Fans Aren't Here For Kandi Burruss Shading Porsha Williams

Kandi Burruss said that it will take her a while to forgive Porsha Williams after Williams repeated a rumor that Burruss wanted to date rape her. While Burruss has yet to forgive Williams, fans are coming for Burruss after she threw seemingly endless shade at Williams on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo.

Kandi Burruss Flies Above The Drama?

There were multiple moments when Burruss dissed Williams. Whether it was in a confessional interview or to Williams’s face, it was clear that Burruss was not a fan of Williams. In one scene, the two were forced to sit across the table from each other during a one-hour train ride in San Francisco for the girls’ trip.

Williams attempted to make small talk and joked that she hoped Burruss would forgive her so she could go to an Xscape concert. The group, which Burruss is a member of, is currently on tour. Burruss laughed and let Williams know she wouldn’t be sending her an invite. Of course, we can't forget the moment when Burruss told Williams she looked like she had gained weight, and laughed at Williams' attempt at being a Vegan.

Interestingly enough, this came after Williams apologized to Burruss and took responsibility for the part she played in the rumors becoming a major topic of conversation last season. Burruss’ facial expression after Williams’ apology made it difficult to perceive if Burruss believed Williams.

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Burruss coming for Williams in more ways than one.

Kandi Burruss Is "Still Dealing With Trolls"

Despite fans' reactions, Burruss has said the trip to San Francisco wasn't a bother when it came to her close proximity with Williams. Still, Burruss has defended her decision to be hard on Williams this season. While it turned out that former co-star Phaedra Parks was the one behind the speculation, Burruss isn’t letting Williams off the hook either.

“You can’t just falsely accuse someone of trying to drug you & take advantage of you on camera with the intent of defaming them & think it’s just gonna be ok a month later,” said Burruss recently. “I’m still dealing with trolls who have taken what she said & run with it even though the truth came out that it was a lie.”

She went on to urge her critics to stop telling her when she’s supposed to get over it. As for Williams, she has said she’s ready to move on but doesn’t want to push Burruss before she’s ready. Meanwhile, Parks has reportedly been fired from the show. She has not made any appearances this season; even though she’s a huge topic of conversation.

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