Months have passed since Kandi Burruss had her fallout with her Bravo The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Porsha Williams. While it’s said to be Phaedra Parks’ fault, Burruss has made it clear she still doesn’t trust Williams, who she once saw as a younger sister.

In the teaser for the upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Burruss shares her thoughts on Williams skipping out on one of her best friend’s, Shamea Morton’s wedding.

And while Williams offered up an excuse, Burruss wasn’t buying it.

In the clip, the future bride tells Williams to find a way to come support her on her big day.

Burruss seems upset that Morton even had to lecture her, to begin with.

“Porsha has always treated [Shamea] like s***,” Burruss later said. “And now she doesn’t even want to go to the girl’s wedding.”

Burruss added that Morton should really reconsider if Williams is a true friend.

Still, Williams persists and says that she “physically” can’t come to the wedding with a Coach airline ticket. She points out that she once passed out in a nail salon last season.

Morton asks more clarity as she still doesn’t really understand the “condition” that Williams is trying to use as an excuse to skip the wedding. Williams reminds Morton that she sent her an outline with the information. Morton confesses she never read it because she was upset.

“She’s got a doctor excuse for everything,” Burruss’ friend Carmon said.

Burruss chimes in as the two mock Williams and pretend they’re trying to find a note to get out of something. Williams looks at them while they make fun of her.

Burruss suggests that Williams simply doesn’t want to go.

Morton and Williams were actually the best of friends when Williams introduced Morton to the show. However, they hit a rough patch after Morton made it clear she had serious issues with Williams' friend at the time, Parks. Things got ugly last season when Parks spread rumors about Burruss and Morton, Williams stood by and didn’t say anything to respond.

It looks like Morton is still trying to repair the friendship — especially now that Parks was caught up in a lie with the ladies that ended her friendship with Williams.

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