Sean "Diddy" Combs is an already-accomplished music mogul and businessman, but will he add Carolina Panthers owner to his resume?

Diddy Wants In

As the Carolina Panthers continue their quest to get into the 2018 National Football League's playoffs, Combs has thrown his hat into the Carolina Panthers ownership race.

Since Combs posted the tweet on Dec. 18, the tweet has been liked over 100,000 times and retweeted over 90,000 times. The reaction to the music mogul’s proclamation was divided.

“He’s Sean Combs. Better ways to go about this,” wrote one Twitter user.

“I think we should start a go fund me and raise enough money to help Diddy buy the Panthers just for pure entertainment value,” wrote another. “I want to see a video of Diddy throwing a weight at the defensive coordinators head because Cam can’t play both ways.”

Combs returned to Twitter to announce his real intention on buying the team.

“There are no majority African American NFL owners,” tweeted Combs. “Let’s make history.”

The Potential Return Of Kaepernick

As Combs continues to lay out his plans regarding a potential NFL takeover, he has set his sight on either a prospective quarterback or a co-owner.

Former San Diego 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who gained international notoriety when he made the controversial decision to kneel during "The Star-Spangled Banner," may be on Combs's shortlist to fill either spot.

Kaepernick tweeted his excitement to his followers Monday morning with a simple message to the music mogul.

"I want in on the ownership group!" tweeted Kaepernick. "Let's make it happen."

Building An Empire

Outside of potentially owning a National Football League team, there are many reasons why Combs had a prosperous 2017. Forbes named Combs 2017's highest paid musician, as he earned over $130 million through his business ventures. He also ended his decades-long feud with talk show host Wendy Williams, as he appeared on Williams's talk show to discuss his film Can't Stop, Won't Stop: The Bad Boy Story. Combs signed to judge FOX's singing competition The Four: Battle for Stardom. Combs is expected to join DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor, and Republic Group president Charlie Walk. The show is scheduled to air on Fox Jan. 4, 2018.

It is unknown if outgoing Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson and the National Football League will accept Diddy and Kaepernick's bid.