Bride Nic Pen responded on Instagram after she received lots of negative attention for her reaction during a sentimental moment at her wedding.

A video of Pen and her now-husband, Chris McFadden, Jr. went viral earlier this week.

A Bridal Clapback

In the clip, McFadden read his vows to Pen. He could barely get through his romantic words before he buckled down in tears.

The bridesmaids who Pen later said were McFadden’s sisters rushed to embrace him and help him finish. Meanwhile, Pen stood still and didn’t react at all as far as the viewers could see.

It didn’t’ take long for the short clip to make its way to social media and users didn’t hesitate to give their opinions on Pen’s response, or lack thereof. Pen made her own message comments and blasted the other African-American women who came for her on social media.

It might be safe to say Pen was unbothered by the comments as she added several crying laughing emojis while she told her followers to take a look at “other BLACK WOMEN” who called her out of her name.

She pointed out many of the women spoke negatively about her marriage as they suggested that McFadden was cheating, which caused Pen to be upset as he read his vows. Still, others claimed that McFadden would regret his decision to marry Pen as some said he shouldn’t be married to her in the first place.

Interestingly enough, she received mixed reactions to her post on the big moment. One fan called her out for not using the post to explain why she didn’t feel moved enough to actually move as Pen poured out his heart.

Others offered up their own explanations of why Pen stood still and suggested she simply didn’t want to mess up her makeup, or that she was an emotional wreck herself. Instagram users even started going back-and-forth with one another over whether they were hating on the union or just stating the facts.

Unbothered Newlyweds

As for McFadden, he hasn’t clapped back at his wife’s haters head-on just yet. Still, after the moment he made it clear the two were happy and in newlywed bliss together. He explained that he broke down because he was in awe looking at Pen, who he referred to as a “Black goddess.”

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