Rose McGowan is starting off her 2018 by continuing her work. The actress has been at the forefront of the "Me Too" movement by opening up more about the trauma she endured after being raped by Harvey Weinstein.

McGowan's actions have inspired others to speak up and out their abusers, which led to the "Weinstein Epidemic," where numerous men in Hollywood and media were brought to light for their wrongdoings in the past. Weinstein himself could be facing jail time if the accusations against him are taken to court.

McGowan has landed a new docu-series Citizen Rose, which will delve further into the accusations the actress made as well as her continued battle against sexual abuse in Hollywood. McGowan's book, Brave, will be released the same day her show will premiere. McGowan has teased a few details from her latest book, and in one revealing chapter, she also names another man who took advantage of her.

McGowan's Brave Story

McGowan's reveals in that her former fiancé, director Robert Rodriguez, manipulated her with an explicit scene in the film Planet Terror. The zombie film was released in 2007, and McGowan played the film's main character, Cherry Darling. McGowan states that Rodriguez and producer Quentin Tarantino knew that Weinstein allegedly raped McGowan and played mind-games with her while filming the movie.

McGowan also claims that the director "used the knowledge against her" by writing a scene were McGowan was attacked by Tarantino's character.

"I was in a backward world. I was losing my grip on sanity," McGowan writes in the book.

McGowan continued that her world was completely shattered after Rodriguez and Tarantino sold the movie to Weinstein's distribution company, Dimension Films.

Rodriguez and McGowan reportedly had an affair while working together on the film Grindhouse. The two became engaged in 2007 before calling it quits in 2009. Rodriguez also went on record stating he was aware of Weinstein's abusive behavior.

McGowan stated that Weinstein raped her in 1997 during the Sundance Film Festival.

The actress also states that Brave isn't just about exposing. It's also about others who were responsible for her downfall.

"I've had this giant monster strapped to me for 20 years. He's always been gunning for me. But that's okay — I've been gunning for him, too."

McGowan's book, Brave, hits stores on Jan. 30, 2018.