Siggy Flicker released an emotional goodbye letter to Bravo, her costars, and her fans, following last night's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8.

After first confirming her exit from the reality series in December, Flicker shared her "goodbye" letter and thanked Bravo executive Andy Cohen for the opportunity they gave her to star on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for the past two seasons.

"Andy Cohen is a mentor, a friend and the sweetest man in the universe," she wrote, according to a report by Us Weekly magazine on Jan. 15. "Bravo has amazing people who made a tremendous impact on my career and my life. I don’t regret one second of the good and sometimes the not so good."

According to Flicker, she's learned that when it comes to appearing on a reality television program, she has absolutely no control over the way she is portrayed. As she explained, she wished she never, ever, ever allowed someone else to edit who she is. She even compared herself to a lion, explaining that while there may be a well-behaved lion that has been surrounded by nothing but love for its entire life, it is bound to strike back if it is then exposed to weeks of torment. Then, if those tormenters only share video of the lion's attack, they are able to label the lion as unhinged, vicious, and unpredictable. 

This, Flicker explained, was how she felt for the last year of her life.

Flicker then touched on her tense encounter with Margaret Josephs in which Josephs compared their costar Kim DePaola to Hilter.

"I am grateful that I have been recruited to educate on the subject. This is where civil society must draw a line. Hitler is not an analogy, it is an abomination," Flicker, whose father is a Holocaust survivor, explained. "No one should trivialize his evil. The Holocaust is not a social reference point."

Although the comment made by Josephs was highly offensive to Flicker, she said she is happy that the horrible moment led to a conversation about what should be socially acceptable when it comes to speaking on the topic.

As she concluded her "goodbye" letter, Flicker explained that she simply doesn't want to continue to expose herself to a toxic environment. Instead, the former reality star is leaving The Real Housewives of New Jersey behind and focusing on what she is passionate about, which is her businesses and her family.