Shameless fans, another season has passed, and we must say "see you later" to the crazy bunch of misfits known as the Gallaghers. Sunday's episode, "Sleepwalking," was the show's finale and it attempted to tie up some loose ends but also left an interesting story line for season 9.

Here's a look at the episode's highlights.

Fiona Goes Back To Her Roots

Fiona had tried her best to leave her "Gallagher" ways behind her, but Sunday's episode was her breaking point. Fiona meets with her lawyer who delivers good news and bad news. The good news is that Rodney and his family are ready to settle and are willing to take her name out of the lawsuit, but the bad news is that the family wants $3 million dollars and Fiona's dog. Fiona's lawyer offers her another option: sell the building and declare bankruptcy before Rodney's family takes everything from her. 

Fiona refuses to let everything she worked for go down the drain. After getting advice from Papa Frank, Fiona gets in contact with a man named "Pyro Paulie" who gives her a smoke bomb. Fiona lets the smoke bomb off in the apartment that is occupied by Rodney' family, which gets them to vacate the room. Fiona meets them in front of the building and then presents them with a new deal. Rodney and his family can take $4,000 dollars from her, relocate to Seattle where they will receive $500 from her monthly, and never return. 

Rodney's wife Trina says no, which prompts Fiona to burn some of the money, making Rodney take the deal. Rodney signs the agreement and Fiona wins.

Lip Makes A Choice

Lip's character has changed tremendously this season. Lip has recovered from his addiction and is trying to make better strides in his life. One painful decision Lip has to make is whether he should continue his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Sierra. After Sierra spends the night again with Lip and Sierra gets into an altercation with her baby daddy, Charlie, Lip decides that it may be best for Sierra to get back with Charlie.

Lip tells Sierra that he spent most of his time with her drunk or high. He says he's not sure if he's in love with her, but that he has to be honest. Sierra doesn't take the news well and asks Lip to leave. He does but as he walks away, viewers can see that Lip looks relieved after their conversation.

The following day, Lip sees Eddie's niece, Xan, still at the shop while Eddie is nowhere to be found. Apparently, Eddie spilt with her new boyfriend and left her niece behind so that social services could place her in a new home. Lip asks Xen to stay with him, to which she agrees.

Frank Hasn't Changed That Much

As much as we thought Frank may have changed, it seems that old habits do die hard. The patriarch of the family is still reeling from his termination at his short-lived job and the fact that he still hasn't found a new one.

When Liam gets invited to go on a cruise with his friend, Dylan, and his family, Frank sees the opportunity as an ideal one. Not because Liam will get to travel somewhere he's never been before, but it will allow Frank to rob from Dylan's home, because in Frank's eyes Dylan's father deserves it.

Liam, who is probably the only Gallagher with a soul, has a hard time agreeing to this, so in true Gallagher fashion, the youngest of the bunch tricks his father and gives Frank the wrong security code. Frank barely makes it out of this house before the cops show up. In order to avoid getting arrested, Frank hides in the toilet of a porta potty that leaves blue dye all over his skin.

Ian's Crusade Continues

Ian is in hiding after his latest stunt caused him to get a warrant out for his arrest. Trevor stops by the Gallagher home to inform Ian's siblings that he's a wanted man, and takes Fiona to the site where Ian set Blake's father's van on fire.

Lip and Fiona spend most of the episode tyring to find him, but it's Trevor who locates Ian hiding out with some of his "crusaders." Trevor reprimands Ian for going too far and ruining everything Trevor worked for. Trevor urges Ian to turn himself in and leave the kids out of this. Of course, Ian completely disregards Trevor and decides to put on one last protest in the name of "Gay Jesus."

Ian stages one more demonstration which alerts the news and the cops. When the cops spot Ian, the rest of group speak up and state that they are all Ian Gallagher, and they all get arrested. The last we see of Ian is him being placed in a police car with a look of dismay on his face.

Other noteworthy moments includes Carl going through hell and high water to evade Kassidi's risque efforts of keeping him from going to military school. Kev and V join in on Svetlana's scheme to marry Freelania's elderly husband. The couple kidnap Freelania and sedate her mother, so that Svetlana can take her place at the altar. At the wedding, it's revealed that Svetlana's new husband has a pre-nup, so it seems that Svetlana may have another problem on her hands.

Debbie's baby daddy, Derek, is home from military school and wants joint custody of their daughter, Franny. While Debbie at first is against this, she decides to reconsider, since Derek could provide more stability for their daughter.

Did Season 8 end on a dramatic note? What does season 9 bring? Guess we'll have to wait until next year to see!