Kim Kardashian is under fire for cultural appropriation yet again. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star recently took to her Snapchat to debut her latest hairstyle. She posted a video of herself with braids and beads and implied that they were "Bo Derek Braids." 

Kardashian referenced the braids as Bo Derek by stating that she was embodying the actress Bo Derek's iconic look from the 1979 film 10.

"So guys I got Bo Derek braids, and I'm really into it," Kardashian said in the video. 

On Monday, Jan. 29, Kardashian took it a step further and posted several pictures of herself on Instagram with the hairstyle. Her fans are used to her slew of pictures, but this time it was the caption that got everyone talking. 

Kardashian captioned one of the photos, "BO WEST." Social media wasted no time calling out the KKW Beauty founder. One Instagram user commented on her photo explaining that the braids are not Bo Derek braids.

"They're NOT 'BO DEREK' Braids -- they are African cornrows, She's gotta do better with her cultural stylings," the Instagram user wrote

Another Instagram user implied that Kardashian was disrespecting African culture, because Bo Derek didn't create the hairstyle. 

"What angers me is the fact that she called them Bo [Derek] braids as if that's where they originated. If you gone try to rock African cornrows AT LEAST have enough respect to call them WHAT THEY ARE," another user wrote.  

Bo West

Although the makeup mogul was slammed for her cultural appropriation, that didn't stop her from sharing a throwback photo of herself with the "Bo Derek" braids. In the photo, Kardashian has the same hairstyle, but with dark hair and Kanye appears in the photo leaning on her shoulder. 

This isn't the first time Kim was accused of cultural appropriation. In June 2017, the reality star shared the first promo of her KKW Beauty makeup collection. Instead of receiving a positive reaction to the highly anticipated products, Kim was accused of blackface and racism. 

Social media users were quick to point out that Kim's skin complexion look darker than usual. Critics stated that her "darker appearance" was an attempt to try to be black. 

However, some fans defended the 37-year-old and blamed her appearance on the lighting and others insisted that her tan complexion is from her Armenian heritage. 

Shortly after, Kardashian responded to the rumors and explained that she would never do blackface or disrespect anyone. Let's see if she will comment on the Bo Derek braids.