After the Superbowl's riveting game, one of the highly-anticipated shows premiered its most dramatic and heart-stopping episode.

This Is Us finally revealed the devastating moment when beloved Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) lost his life.

Super Bowl Sunday Episode

In the previous episode, it was speculated that the faulty crock-pot caused Jack's untimely demise. While the family slept, the faulty switch started a fire to erupt throughout the house, which alerted the family.

As Jack rushed to get his family to safety, he went back into the house to grab Kate's dog and some family mementos. Unfortunately, the fire was too much for him and Jack ended up hospitalized for smoke inhalation and died from cardiac arrest.

In a gut-wrenching scene, Rebecca went into the room to see Jack's lifeless body. Rebecca told Randall and Kate, and Kate went to Sophie's home to inform Kevin.

Back in the present, the Pearson kids and Rebecca try to cope with the 20th anniversary of Jack's death. Kate still blames herself for her father's death and watches the tape that Jack saved from the fire for her, which ends up being destroyed by her VCR. Toby comes to Kate's rescue and fixes the tape for her. Kate and Toby have a heart-to-heart, with Kate saying that Jack would've loved Toby.

Kevin feels he fails his father by not living up to his legacy. Kevin visits his father's memorial tree and promises to make his father proud.

Randall holds a Superbowl party to remember his father but is overcome with grief when his daughter Tess's pet lizard dies. In the end, Tess avoids phone calls from social workers because she is afraid that Randall would want a new life. Randall reassures his daughter that he will always support her.

While the impending death scene was bound to happen, it didn't make it less painful for the fans to watch. Jack's death wasn't the focal point of the show, the episode, however, did a marvelous job on focusing on the grief each of his children still felt 20 years later.

Next Week's Episode 

In next week's episode, This is Us will show Jack's funeral and the families' continued sturggles to move forward.

 We're going to survive this. We'll see you Tuesday. #ThisIsUs

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