Hailey Baldwin is speaking out about the recent claims made by her fellow model, Kate Upton, in regard to the alleged sexual harassment she received while working with GUESS.

Days after Upton detailed the alleged abuse she encountered at the hands of the label's co-founder, Paul Marciano, 21-year-old Baldwin, who has also worked with the label, applauded Upton for speaking out about the "dark side" of modeling.

“I think that what she’s doing is using her platform correctly and using her voice to bring awareness to the kind of shady and dark side of what we do,” Baldwin said during an interview with People magazine on Feb. 9. “Because it happens, and it doesn’t happen like that to everybody, but unfortunately it happens to a lot more people than you think.”

“I think what she’s doing is amazing and I think that being able to speak out and speak up is important,” Baldwin added.

According to the report, Upton opened up about the alleged sexual harassment she endured from the designer while speaking to TIME magazine earlier this month and in the report, Upton said she began to experience sexual harassment on her very first day of shooting with 65-year-old Marciano.

Upton's first lingerie shoot for GUESS took place on July 25, 2010, and on that day, she alleged, Marciano grabbed her breasts before starting to feel and play with them. Upton's claims were also backed up by photographer Yu Tsai, who said he was witness to the sexual harassment Upton had faced and described to the magazine.

In response to Upton's claims against him, Marciano told People magazine that the model's statements were “absolutely false.”

Following Upton's statements against Marciano, model Miranda Vee released a statement of her own on Instagram, suggesting that she too had been harassed by the GUESS co-founder. In her post, Vee said that after being sexually harassed by Marciano, she was passed onto Los Angeles-based real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, who met with her at an apartment and allegedly date raped her after sipping on champagne.

Like Marciano, Hadid has denied the allegations against him and during a chat with TMZ last week, Hadid said that he had already met with an attorney and may pursue a defamation lawsuit against Vee, whose claims he labeled "untrue."