David Arquette Reflects On 'Troubled' Marriage To Courtney Cox

At one point in time, they were considered a Hollywood dream team. David Arquette and Courteney Cox were the rare success stories seen in Hollywood of a marriage and partnership actually working. Unfortunately, this love story ended tragically and the couple split after 13 years of marriage.

While neither actor had spoken about the details that led to their untimely divorce, there were speculations that Arquette's drinking addiction was one of the causes that led to the couple calling it quits. After years of silence, Arquette is now opening up about working with his ex-wife and on what led to them parting ways.  

One Wild And Crazy Ride

While remembering the late Wes Craven, Arquette also touched on how working on the set of the horror film Scream 1 was more than just a golden opportunity. It also was responsible for bringing Cox and himself together.

"I met my first wife and we had a kid together during that whole experience. In the final [film], we got separated. It really came full circle that whole Scream franchise," Arquette stated

Arquette continued that his "immaturity," suffering "midlife crisis," and the fact that Cox had to be more of a "mother" than a "wife" to him was one of the factors that led to the couple's separation. 

"Maybe this is too personal -- but that's what the internet is for -- we had a relationship where I was kind of the fun crazy one, although she's really fun and somewhat crazy as well. But she was going through a renaissance, too," he continued. 

Despite the fact that the former couple are no longer together, the two still work together and have a beautiful daughter, Coco, who is now a teenager.

"She's so incredible. I just saw her in a new play she did after school. She sang and she's just so confident... She's 13, so she's going through a lot emotionally in general just in life, but she's handling it really well. It's tough growing up, there are a lot of feelings. I still have a lot of feelings," Arquette said of his daughter.

The Scream actor has two sons, Charlie and Augustus, with his wife Christina McLarty. Cox, who also starred in the hit television shows Friends and Cougar Town, has been engaged to Snow Patrol member Johnny McDaid since 2014.  

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