Joy Behar And Meghan McCain Face Off In Heated Match On 'The View'

For over 21 years, ABC's daytime talk show The View has created memorable moments. However, that does not mean that the co-hosts get along.

Meghan Versus Joy

On Feb. 9, The View's stalwart co-host and moderator Joy Behar verbally fought with the show's resident Republican commentator Meghan McCain.

The women talked about Chief of Staff John Kelly potentially taking the fall for the ongoing Robert Porter scandal. Porter, who served as an aide to U.S. President Donald J. Trump, was recently removed from the White House following abuse allegations made by his two ex-wives.

Behar stated in her opening argument that the Federal Bureau of Investigations did not give Porter clearance due to abusive past.

McCain furiously came after the comedian and stated that her snide comments were unamusing.

"We are talking about an abuse of a woman, we should not be laughing at that photo," said McCain.

Behar abruptly stated that they were not talking about Porter, they were talking about the White House Chief of Staff. However, McCain indicated that they were laughing about the abuse. Next, the fight got political.

"It is very serious, and as a Republican, I am offended..." McCain stated.

"As a Democrat, I am offended by Republicans," snapped Behar.

Co-host Sunny Hostin and guest co-host Nancy Grace tried to defuse the situation and tried to get the conversation back on track, but Behar and McCain continued their shouting match. Behar stated that how appalled she was that the Republican Party backed a chauvinistic and xenophobic leader.

McCain plugged her upcoming appearance on political analyst Van Jones' show and gave Behar some subtle shade.

The Viewers Chime In

When The View posted the heated argument onto YouTube, fans immediately posted their opinions.

"Joy was not playing any games with Meghan and Meghan didn't have Whoopi there to baby her! Joy give her the business!" wrote one YouTube fan.

However, other Republicans called out Behar for her demeaning comment.

"To generalize and call all Republicans racists is ridiculous!" wrote another YouTube fan.

For most of the YouTube commentators, they believe that the writing might be on the wall for Senator John McCain's daughter.

'The View's' Recent Moments

In addition to Joy and Meghan's on-air bickering match. The past few weeks have seen some intriguing conversations on the show.

Rose McGowan broke her silence when she talked about the #MeToo movement and Harvey Weinstein's fall on Jan. 30.

The show also entered the infamous Jane Fonda versus Megyn Kelly fight on Jan. 23, where they were unanimously on Fonda's side of the argument.

When Omarosa Manigault was dismissed from The White House, the show celebrated at the Hot Topics table as Manigault was nasty to them on a previous visit.

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